Everything You Need to Know About Washington State Government…

but were afraid to ask.

This site is being set up to inform the citizens of Washington State what is really going on in their community and with their local, county and state Government.

We will be featuring local citizen authors, news that matters to us, not a canned version of what someone “decides” we should know or see.

I started a blog called Animal Law News and Abuse after a 12 yr run in with the City of Everett (Snohomish County) but then I realized the corruption ran much deeper then just one city.

Then I started a blog called Snohomish County Corruption and sadly realized the corruption was much deeper then just a county.

I then started a newspaper so that we could get the word out to more and more citizens called the Snohomish County Reporter and it seemed to open the floodgates:

So now we have an entire site dedicated to the entire state. Everyone is welcome to post and publish their stories to this site, not only is it welcomed, but it is encouraged.

Our Govt is out of control and the only way we are going to get them under control is to tell the truth about them, get involved and vote smarter, We need to start a peaceful revolution, take back our laws, our money and our rights.  We don’t need to be rude or crass, we don’t even have to use any type of force. We just have to learn to think for ourselves and to stand up for the things we believe in.